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We have tattoos and we love Jesus, we are addicted to coffee and tea, and we love adventures. We are Jesse and Brittany Capps. We are each other’s best friend and greatest supporter. We try to live life to the fullest at all times in every area. We are easy-going and care-free. We also like to think that we are pretty cool parents, but honestly, we are still working on the parenting thing. Kids are hard, man.

About The Capps

We prioritize real, candid moments while posing you in natural, comfortable poses.


real moments

raw emotion

reckless love

september 2022

February 2022

Nassau, Bahamas

Lakeland, FL

We are adventurous, we are creatives, and we are madly in love.

When these three qualities collide, magic happens. Traveling to new places inspires our creativity like nothing else.

So, will you travel with us?

december 2022

February 2022

Pomona Park, FL

Orlando, FL

September 2023

july 2022

Albany, NY