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Photos by Melissa Wright Photography


Hey, I’m Brittany! I’m a believer, wife, mother, and friend! I have a lot of titles, and I try to be the best at each one. I love becoming friends with our couples, especially our brides and genuinely engaging with them.

Weddings are meaningful to me because they are meaningful to you. Everyone’s wedding day is unique and full of significance. There are always so many feelings at weddings, and I love to feel those feelings right alongside the bride!

It is so important that you feel connected with us, as we will be with you most of your wedding day. I want to make sure I capture your story just as you see it. These photos will be lasting memories for years to come.


I am Jesse, I am a type 7 who loves coffee (think single origin, specialty pour over) and I’m always looking ahead to what’s next. I am an optimist, and I always try to find the good in everything. I am a dreamer and a bit of an overachiever (when I’m not bored). I teach high school photography and as a hobby decided to start a construction company.

I am a pro girl dad. I love Frozen. I love Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine. I sing loud and dance hard with my girls in the living room. I love playing pretend. I tell them I love them every day and speak life into them at all times, making sure to tell them that I am proud of them. And now our baby boy Isaiah is helping me learn to be a boy dad too. He is so patient and intentional and is so kind to his sisters.

And also, I freaking love weddings! I love the feelings and emotions of weddings. During the ceremony and reception, I often catch myself thinking about my daughters. Usually, I think about me walking them down the aisles (well actually, I will probably be carrying Jane down the aisle, she is a serious daddy’s girl) or getting to dance with them at their weddings. I look forward to every wedding and try to capture the photos that nobody expects. I look for alternate angles and try different poses so that you (and I) can have truly unique images.

I’m Obsessed With

favorite poses

Stranger Things

give me all of the candids

Nothing makes me happier than

favorite activity

my family

being in community

I Started photography

My greatest achievement

at the age of 13

being a mom

I’m Addicted to

seriously obsessed with

espresso & pour overs

anything chocolate

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Photos by Melissa Wright Photography