Family photos by Meagan Gaines

We are the Capps.

We are Jesse and Brittany Capps. We have two beautiful daughters, Maelynn and Jane, with one more baby girl on the way, Nora! Yep, three girls! That means we are surrounded by everything Disney, I mean of course we already have three years of Disney+ paid for. From ballet lessons to soccer leagues, from beach days to trips to Orlando, from school plays to friends parties, our girls keep us busy. We even had to buy a minivan.

We are professional, full-time wedding photographers who are set out to be the best husband and wife team in Florida. We have tattoos and we love Jesus, we are addicted to coffee and we love to shop. We are each other’s best friend and biggest supporters. We also like to think that we are pretty cool parents, but honestly, we are still working on the parenting thing. Kids are hard, man.

Anyways, we would love to have the opportunity to celebrate with you!

We also offer portrait sessions including engagement sessions, family sessions, maternity sessions, & newborn lifestyle sessions!

I am Jesse, I love coffee, technology, and I’m always looking ahead to what’s next. The latest, the greatest. I am an optimist and I always try to find the good in something. I am a planner and a bit of an overachiever (when I’m not bored).

I am a girl dad. I love Frozen, I love Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine, I just love Disney. I sing loud and dance hard with my girls in the living room. I play pretend and let them do my makeup (with fake makeup, not that trusting yet ha).

But also, I freaking love weddings! I love the feelings and emotions of weddings, during the ceremony and reception I often catch myself thinking about me and my daughters. Like me walking them down the aisles (well actually, I will probably be carrying Jane down the aisle, she is a serious daddy’s girl) or getting to dance with them at their weddings.

I look forward to every wedding and try to capture the photos that nobody expects. I look for alternate angles and try different poses so that you (and I) can have truly unique images.

Anniversary session photos by Tori Lowery