Family photos by Cassidy Robinson

We are Jesse and Brittany Capps. We have two beautiful daughters, Maelynn and Jane! We are professional, full time wedding photographers who are set out to be the best husband and wife team in Florida and we would love to have the opportunity to be there for your big day!

We also offer portrait sessions including engagement sessions, family sessions, maternity sessions, & newborn lifestyle sessions!

I love weddings! I love the feelings and emotions of weddings, and during the reception I often catch myself thinking about me and my daughters dancing at their weddings. I look forward to every wedding and continually think of unique and creative ways as to how I am going to give the bride better photos and a better experience than the last.

I have been in love with photography since 2004 and art in general my whole life. I am passionate for photography and graphic design. I discovered this passion first in high school. I took a photo class just to fill up some time. It quickly became my favorite class, sometimes it would be the only class worth going to school for. I started with Photo 1 during my freshman year and went all the way to AP Photo in my senior year. These classes taught me the basics of the camera, my technique, form, and composition through film photography. I owe everything to these classes and my photo teacher, Mrs. Colvin. Since those high school days of experimenting and using borrowed equipment, I have refined my craft and own my own professional gear.

Anniversary session photos by Tori Lowery

Anniversary session photos by Tori Lowery